Building the service portfolio for DCS4COP

The Data Cube Service for Copernicus is all about facilitating service provision for our customers to their end users. Built around the high-quality water products developed within HIGHROC and accompanied by additional useful data sets from Copernicus and other sources, several services are currently under development. They all have the objective to make working with multi-variate, continuously updated data sets as convenient and efficient as possible without limiting the flexibility to build tailored solutions that optimally meet the requirements of our customers.

Users may individually select the data products with one or more variables that best fit their information needs and EODataBee, which is the brand name of the future service, takes care of preparing a set of Analysis-Ready Data to ease the pain of further processing data sets from different sources. All selected products will be transformed to a common spatial grid but may keep their original coordinate in time, thus representing a data cube that overcomes the limitations of product borders and particularly eases the use for time-series analysis. EODataBee users may thus concentrate on working directly with the information they need instead of spending most of their time in data acquisition and preparation. Starting from separate data cubes for each selected product with individual observation times, users may temporally aggregate different products to a multi-product data cube with a common temporal-spatial coordinate system. By this means, users may e.g. combine a water quality product from HIGHROC with a model product form the Copernicus Marine Environment Monitoring Service (CMEMS) and weather information obtained from the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF). 

The benefits of working with multi-variate data organised in data cubes has been becoming more and more popular in recent years, not least thanks to several initiatives and software solutions promoting this approach. EODataBee, however, will go further than merely providing ARD on a cloud platform and offer a portfolio of services tailored to readily work with the data cubes generated by customers. To this end, we are currently developing an automated update service, which monitors different data sources to add new observations whenever they become available, and xcube-server, different viewers (see below figure for an example), and an event service, which allows for automated event detection in the data cube. For the latter, users may individually define the criterion and the region of interest for an event and the activated service will then inform the customer about the occurrence of an event. The viewer allows for visual exploration of the tailored data cubes and includes common functionalities like animations and time-series extraction at arbitrary locations. Definition and visualisation of regions and stations within one data cube are also possible, as well as the selection between different data cubes, which e.g. may cover different areas or contain different variables.

Figure 1. EODATABEE’s water quality product visualised in xcube-viewer with image and time-series view.

On top of the above, the team of EODataBee, comprising experts in remote sensing, data processing and analysis and service provision, offers support to always find the optimal solution to a specific use case. This may include the set-up and operation of the system, scientific consultancy, or the development of additional features missing to properly address a specific case. Moreover, we offer individual trainings adapted to the customer’s expertise to make sure that EODataBee users always reap the full benefits of the service. 

All the above services and features are currently under development and we will continuously add more of them in the future. So, make sure to follow the updates on our websites or on Twitter. Since we committed ourselves to a strictly user-driven development approach, we always appreciate feedback, even if you haven’t had the chance to try out EODataBee so far. We are nevertheless very keen to learn more about features that would be useful for your work and that would make you consider becoming a user of our service.

Author: Brockmann Consult