High temporal and high spatial resolution: EODataBee processes Sentinel-3, Sentinel-2, Landsat-8, VIIRS, MODIS and SEVIRI!

DCS4COP is built around the high-quality water products developed within HIGHROC. These include products based on the High resolution sensors Sentinel-2 and Landsat-8, products based on Medium resolution sensors such as VIIRS and MODIS and finally product based on the low spatial resolution but high temporal resolution SEVIRI data. Within DCS4COP the processing chains are fully automated, monitored and ready to be implemented for any coastal area around the world.

Three processing lines have been set-up, one for the high spatial resolution data (Landsat-8 and Sentinel-2), one for the medium spatial resolution data (Sentinel-3, VIIRS and SEVIRI) and one for the high temporal resolution data (SEVIRI). The algorithms implemented in the three chains are customized to process coastal waters, but also provide products on inland waters and land surfaces.

The workflows were designed in the FP7 project HIGHROC and algorithms have undergone thorough validation before they have been implemented in the chains. There are algorithms implemented for pixel identification, atmospheric correction and product retrieval. The three processors are now ready to start operations!

A closer look at the high resolution processor

The Sentinel-2 processor can process any tile you would like on the entire globe. And it does this in a completely automated way. It downloads the data from the ESA hub, in the original SAFE format. It applies some formatting, retrieves metadata and decides for each pixels whether it is land , cloud or water. Water and land pixels are treated separately as the water pixels undergo an additional correction for adjacency effects. The atmospheric correction is performed and a bunch of products are derived and stored in a NetCDF format. The data are stored in a database and ready for distribution and ingestion in the DataCube!

We continuously record information on the status of the products (is it downloaded, processed, failed…) using a monitoring console. If failed, the products can be easily restarted. 

EODataBee is now running the processors for a demo site in the North Sea. The Sentinel-2 processor is now providing near real time production for 8 tiles. Also the Landsat-8 processor is producing data for 8 tiles in Near Real Time. Once processed, they are ingested in a datacube and made available through an online viewer.

Author: VITO