The overall objective of DCS4COP project is to set-up, demonstrate and establish a novel DataCube service for the value-adding Earth Observation industry at highly competitive costs.

The specific objectives are:

  • To provide a novel service to intermediate business users.
  • To exploit the scientific excellence of precursor projects.
  • To develop and stablish a DataCube environment for Copernicus data.
  • To exploit European EO infrastructure.
  • To prepare a comprehensive service portfolio.
  • To integrate our services into user’s workflows.
  • To consolidate the commercial cooperation framework.
  • To establish the self-sustained business.

The DCS4COP novel service will demonstrate the value of EO data for the market segment of coastal and inland water services, capitalising on the scientific achievements of the HIGHROC research project. The long-term plan and business expansion for this service will include other thematic areas, like atmosphere, land or emergency. All of them will be evaluated within the DCS4COP project.



The novel DataCube service that will be developed within DCS4COP will be a commercial service with a portfolio comprising:

  • a DataCube providing a great variety of environmental information layers
  • easy-to-integrate user interfaces and applications
  • tailored trainings
  • consultancy services

offered as Platform as a Service (PaaS) or Software as a Service (SaaS) to intermediate business users (IBUs) acting on the market of environmental information products and services. Each IBU gets its own DataCube tailored to the specific thematic, geographical and temporal requirements while offering great flexibility with respect to the technical infrastructure and user-defined processing. The service will cover a large part of the Earth Observation value chain and will seamlessly integrate environmental data from other sources. It will enable IBUs:

  • who already provide services to end users to add additional spatial information layers to their portfolio and to optimise their production process in terms of efficiency and costs.
  • who are not yet on the market to enter this market at a very low entry level and with high-quality services right fro the start.

Work plan